The Bloodbath of the Burning Plains will be a chapter in Turn of the Tides. Captiosus has decided that a Scarab will be used by the Varden and the rest of the Alagaësian Alliance during the battle in this chapter. Captiosus stated a brief snippet of the chapter would be released before Christmas, though this it turned out, the preview was released on Christmas Day itself. This snippet was released on December 25, 2012, and is titled "Bloodbath of the Burning Plains preview."


The preview begins with Commander Miranda Keyes watching a tactical display showing the Imperial Army sent to the Burning Plains (which is one million strong) marching towards the Alliance's lines. Among the troops are large numbers of Laughing Ones, vast amounts of Flesh Golems (of both Urgal and Human make), and three (possibly more) Shades. The Empire's siege engines include ballistae, trebuchets, and crude and primitive cannons with grapeshot rounds.

Keyes, Rtas, and Thel are coordianting the defenses for the Alliance's army when holograms of John-117, Jörmundur, and a Field Master. The three explain their strategies before Johnson reveals he has stuffed the pods with either soldiers or C-12 explosives, and also reveals he will be piloting a Scarab.